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Update Regarding Recent Prudential Mailing to Participants

Update Regarding Recent Prudential Mailing to Participants

August 25, 2015


Over the last several days, participants in the Annuity Fund may have received a mailing from Prudential which contains incorrect first names within the address information. Please note that the NYCDCC Benefit Funds has been in contact with Prudential, and we have been assured that the mistakes were simply made in error. There have been no actual name changes to the accounts of any participants.

Here are some other important details to note regarding this mailing:

  • This mailing was intended to notify participants of a name change to an Investment Fund used by Prudential.
  • Effective September 25, 2015, the Government Securities / PIM Fund will change its name to the Government Securities Enhanced Index / PIM Fund.
  • This is a name change only and does not affect the participant’s account in any way.

If you have any additional questions concerning this mailing, you may contact Prudential directly by calling (877) 778- 2100.