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Update Concerning Vacation Checks and Assessments

Update Concerning Vacation Checks and Assessments

August 4, 2014

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Per the communication from the District Council sent with your Q4 2013 assessment bill, assessment invoices are no longer being mailed to you with your vacation checks by the Benefit Funds. Your assessments are being sent to you by the District Council in a separately mailing on a monthly basis.

Please note, if you have any questions about assessments, you must call the District Council’s Assessment Department directly at (212) 366-7375. The Benefit Funds CANNOT answer any of your questions related to assessments.

However, if you have questions that are specific to your vacation checks, you can contact our Member Services Call Center at (800) 529-FUND (3863) or (212) 366-7373.

*Also note that your next quarterly vacation checks are due to be sent out on September 5th, per the schedule outlined in the Vacation SPD.