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NYCDCC Welfare Fund Switches Life Insurance Provider to Guardian

NYCDCC Welfare Fund Switches Life Insurance Provider to Guardian

July 14, 2014


After undertaking a competitive bidding process that featured an in-depth financial analysis of offers from several companies, the NYCDCC Welfare Fund’s Board of Trustees recently approved a switch in the Fund’s life insurance provider from Metlife to The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian).

As a result of this process, the Trustees were able to reduce the fees paid by the Fund to the vendor for this benefit. The good news for NYCDCC Welfare Fund participants is that your life insurance benefits (including Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits) will remain the same. Concerning this change, no action is required on your part for it to take effect. The beneficiary card you have already filled out will continue to apply as well.

If you have not already received it, you should expect a letter from Guardian to arrive in the mail soon, which will detail the change. To learn even more about your life insurance benefit and new provider, you can also contact Guardian directly at (800) 525-4542, visit their website at, or call our Member Services Call Center at (800) 529-FUND (3863) or (212) 366-7373.