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Board of Trustees Approves Improvement to Dental Plan Effective January 1, 2018

September 14, 2017
We have great news for participants in the NYCDCC Welfare Fund! The Trustees have listened to and heard your concerns […]

Registration to Receive December Vacation Payments via Direct Deposit is Now Open

September 12, 2017
Now that your September vacation benefits have been paid out, registration to receive December (and all future) vacation benefits via […]

Beware of Scam Phone Calls and Emails Disguised as Vendors

September 5, 2017
The Fund Office has recently received some reports of scammers calling and/or emailing members pretending to be vendors such as […]

Vacation Payments to be sent September 1st

August 17, 2017
Please be advised that your September vacation payments, regardless of whether you are being paid via rapid! PayCard or direct […]

MEND Corner: Recognizing and Treating Alcoholism

August 9, 2017
What do we mean by Alcoholism? Alcoholism, clinically referred to as Alcohol Use Disorder, is a disease that includes alcohol […]

Sign Ups for September Vacation Payments via Direct Deposit are Now Closed

August 2, 2017
As of Tuesday, August 1st, sign ups for September vacation payments via direct deposit are now closed. This means that […]

Reviewing your Explanation of Benefits (“EOB”) to Prevent Improper Charges and Health Care Fraud

July 11, 2017
When you (or a covered dependent) receive health care services from a doctor or other health care provider/facility, a claim […]

REMINDER: All those Wishing to Receive Vacation Payments via Direct Deposit for September must Provide Banking Information by End of July

July 6, 2017
As many of you have seen or heard by now, the NYCDCC Welfare Fund is providing members an opportunity to […]

MEND Program Peer Support Group: Reminder and Time Change for July

June 29, 2017
Due to the Independence Day holiday, the July Peer Support Group meeting is being moved from the first Wednesday of […]

2017-18 Scholarship Winners Honored at Luncheon in Manhattan

June 13, 2017
On Friday, June 9th, 2017, winners of the Charles Johnson Jr. Memorial Scholarship were honored in Manhattan. For those who […]