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Announcement Concerning Express Scripts & Medco Merger

Announcement Concerning Express Scripts & Medco Merger

November 17, 2014

Express Scripts Medco

As you may already know, Express Scripts and Medco merged into one company in April 2012. However, while Express Scripts has nearly finished updating their systems so all materials reflect their name and brand, you may still see “Medco” or “Medco Pharmacy” in some instances over the next few months.

This article is meant to confirm for you that your home delivery pharmacy is the Express Scripts Pharmacy. While there are some materials in certain packages that are labeled Medco, the medications you receive through your home delivery benefit are from the Express Scripts Pharmacy.

Once Express Scripts’ updates are complete, you will no longer see references to Medco or the Medco Pharmacy in their communications.

If you have any questions, you can contact Express Scripts directly by visiting or by calling (800) 939-2091