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Announcement Concerning Continued Use of Metrodent Discount Plan

Announcement Concerning Continued Use of Metrodent Discount Plan

September 16, 2014

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Beginning October 1, 2014, NYCDCC Welfare Fund participants will still have the option of continuing to access the Metrodent Dental Network that serviced the Fund prior to the implementation of the new Aetna Dental DMO. Participants can purchase plans at the specially negotiated rates of $35/year for an individual, $50/year for an individual + 1, and $70/year for a family. It is important to understand that this is a discount plan only and there is no reimbursement from the Fund or Metrodent Premier. By enrolling in the Metrodent Plan, you will pay for your own dental treatment. However the dentist’s fees will be reduced to the negotiated Metrodent Premier Plan Discount.

To enroll, you can visit and click the “Enroll in Metrodent Premier for Carpenters” button. You can also enroll at the Fund’s discounted rate if you lose your dental coverage under the Aetna plan provided by the NYCDCC Benefit Funds and do not elect to continue your dental coverage with Aetna through COBRA. Family members who lose coverage, such as children who age out and do not elect to continue coverage through COBRA, are eligible to join as well.

*Note: The Benefit Funds does not endorse or warranty your membership, and your enrollment will be directly between you and the Metrodent Premier Plan.